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Weekly Support Group For Weight Loss

Hello. I have started a weekly support group for weight loss over on Facebook. We will be sharing our thoughts, achievements, difficulties, and ups and downs while we offer positive reinforcements for achieving weight loss.

Weekly Support Group For Weight Loss <– click there to join


This group will be a private group. You will need to ask to be admitted but that shouldn’t be a problem. 🙂

I don’t want people coming there to just read and possibly stalk others there. If you join you are making a statement that you are determined to make positive life changes and achieve better A1C numbers, weight loss and possibly taking control of your life. Each person will have a different mission to be there. There will not be one right or wrong answer to what your goals are. They are personal to your needs and family.

I fell a few months ago down the stairs in my home and seriously injured my hip. I was in horrible pain and from limited physical exercise and depression I have gained weight. Serious amounts of weight. I have been walking between 1-2.5 miles a night for the last week with a neighbor. Last night I met a new neighbor who asked if she could join us for us support and walk each night. Of course we said yes. 🙂

We all need a buddy at times. Someone who will give us a hug when we need it but will also say, “Snap out of it!” when we need that too. So if you want to have someone to help you along this journey join using the link above.

This is what you will need to have to be in the group.

  1. No money- This is free
  2. Access to the internet
  3. Notebook for journaling. I am using Evernote.
  4. The desire to be a part of something good.
  5. Positive attitude as much as possible. I was talking to my grandchildren this morning and the four year old said that sometimes the 12 month is a fussball! I asked him if he is ever a fussball and he said NO!! I told him that I am sometimes a fussball. My sister said that at times she is a fussball. His Mommy said that sometimes she is a fussball too. None of us are positive all of the time. Just bring your smile as often as you can.

Now I have a question for you. Do you love yourself? Do you seriously love yourself? How often do you put others before you thinking that your needs or wants aren’t as important as theirs? If your health is deteriorating it is time for you to put your health and needs first. Give yourself some love and join us. Make a three month commitment to participate for three months. If at the end of three months you aren’t seeing a positive change both physically and emotionally you can quit. This is free. What do you have to lose other than weight, high glucose numbers and a low self esteem?






Another Pinterest Quote to motivate you!


Another Pinterest quote to motivate you.

Do you have someone who for some reason does not want you to get healthy and lose weight? Stop and ask yourself why is this person sabotaging me?

It Is Never Too Late!

Another Pinterest Quote to motivate you.

Only you can change the direction that you are going. It is never too late!


Another Pinterest Quote to motivate you:

This is the reason to do it.

The Food You Eat

Another Pinterest Quote to motivate you.

Begin Again!

Another Pinterest Quote to Motivate you:

If you are struggling just remember that you can start over again. Don’t give up trying!