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Trim Healthy Mama Plan: Keep It Simple, Keep It Sane

This is another book review for you but this one is a diet plan that shows you which foods to combine to help your body to burn fuel correctly and lose weight. Two ladies wrote the book together. It is an easy read and I will be honest to skipping a bit of it. I didn’t see where I personally needed to read the chapters on nursing/breastfeeding while eating this way or the eating plan for a man.

I started the book on Sunday and it jumps right in explaining how to do the plan. Then the rest of the book is going into ways to fine tune it for you and even gives you food plan suggestions. They break the meals up into two categories. S Plans are for Satisfying and E Plans are for Energizing. This video explains the concept.

Trim Healthy Mama Plan

I started their food plan on Monday morning and by this morning (Saturday) I have already lost 5 pounds. Even though it is only 5 pounds I can tell that I have lost several inches in just one week. It isn’t much different than what I have suggested for years. I also have said many times to put 4 hours between meals but they explain which foods you need to combine together and which foods should not be combined. I was happy to see that my muffins are still allowed on this plan! 🙂

I do recommend reading this book and following their plan. I would say about the second half of the book was done to advertise food items that they have for sale on their sight. I don’t plan to purchase any of the foods but luckily for us we don’t need to do that to still follow the plan and eat healthily.

There are several facebook pages that are set up for people to share their meal plans and recipes which also tell you whether the recipe is an S or E. I am looking forward to making new recipes again and getting my A1C down.


Good Morning

This song/video says exactly where my head and heart are at this point in my life. I enjoy waking up to face a new day.

What Does the Humane Society of the United States Really Stand For?

It is time that all farmers and citizens realize what the Human Society of the United States really stands for.

They are trying to shut down farming, hunting and raising of animals for food. They pull on our heart strings with emotional commercials asking for donations but only 1% actually go to local shelters. This is very sad.

Amazing Jumping Cow

My daughter, Samantha sent me this amazing video. I love this cow. 🙂

Pretty Pink Tractor

I want one too. hahaha


Talking Cats Video

This video cracks me up. The voice overs are done by a church youth group and are perfect. Enjoy!!

When A Wife Don’t Listen

Hey don’t shoot me. I didn’t name this video. hahaha