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Low Carb Lunch Idea #34

I have had a request to do some low carb lunch ideas for people who can’t reheat their foods at work. I am also working in the field and having to eat out of a lunch box 3 days a week so I am experiencing the same problems that you are. This is one way that I stayed low carb and had a healthy lunch and kept my glucose level down to normal. 🙂 That is our goal right?

For my lunch this week I had left over Dr. Pepper Pot Roast in a nice salad that included cheese, mixed salad greens, portabella mushrooms and banana pepper rings. I had Hidden Valley Creamy Parmesan dressing to go with it. I also enjoyed a low carb cherry yogurt and a diet A&W Rootbeer.

For snacks for the day I also took Emerald Cocoa Roasted Almonds, sliced pepperoni and Sargento Cheddar Cheese sticks.