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Text Twist

My sister has made two requests over the past couple of days. One is for a recipe that I need to find and convert to a low carb version and the other is for a new game to play. So I present the following.

ETA: Fixed link hopefully.


The object of this game is to guess all of the words that can be created from the jumbled letters provided. You can save time by typing the letters in and hitting reply on your keyboard rather than using the mouse. In order to get to the next level and increase your score you have to guess the big word that uses all of the letters. For instance if you are given the letters “ybwysa” you will only advance to the next level if you enter “byways” as your answer.

As long as you get the big word you will advance even if you don’t get all of the smaller words available to use from the letters such as “way” and “saw” etc…

I know that my sister is a competitive person, hehehe, so I will let you know that my highest score is over 300,000. I have spent many many sleepless nights playing this game. I know that you will too.