Twitter Me!!

OK I might not. Well I probably won’t have anything interesting to say other than did you check your glucose today or exercise but I am now on Twitter. If you want to follow me just go to Twitter and request to follow me. Grace2882.


8 responses to “Twitter Me!!

  1. Can you help me with a broiler issue? I want to try some of your reciepes for wings. Some say to broil for 10 min to brown them. I have an old gas stove and the broiler in on the bottom. I have never used it because it is so inconvient and I do not want to use it. How else can I brow the wings? pleas email me a response if you can. Thanks JoAnn

    • I am sorry that I didn’t get back to you sooner. If you are afraid to broil you can try baking them for a bit or frying them in oil. The oil isn’t exactly the healthiest of the options. Do you have an outside grill that you could grill them on for a bit?

  2. Hi Grace,
    Ck’in out your blog. Impressive! Very impressive. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Grace,
    The doctor has a couple of books….which one did you start with. I am desperate to get this weight off. I just keep gaining with each new fad diet. Please help?

    • I read the Complete Diabetic Solution. I looked at his cookbook with the same name and wasn’t impressed. His how to book was excellent though.

  4. Thank you…………..
    : )

  5. hi Grace, first time looking at your blog it is wonderful, I’m 61 years old have been fighting with my weight my hole life, lost and put it back on so many times, now I need to lose 40 lb, thank you for your reciepes, I will make most of them,

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